It’s a bit early, but I’m starting to plan what I want to do with my crazy sewing/craft mess.  Saying it is a disaster is pretty much an understatement at this point.  It’s out of control, really.  I have a lot of fabric, fiber, and yarn, and I don’t have many places to put it.  So, unfortunately, I’m going to have to buy some more storage furniture.  My mind naturally went to Ikea’s Expedit series, and their big ass cubby thing that they have.  The downside to that, though, is that we don’t have an Ikea here.  We do have a company that’ll drive to Ikea, pick up what you want, and deliver it… but it’s like an extra $100, bringing a $200 piece of furniture up to $300.  That’s just too much to pay for a thing from Ikea!

I already have a 2×4 cubby thing from Target, though the cubbies aren’t as big as the ones from Ikea. I think the Ikea ones are about 13″x13″x14″, and the ones from Target are about 10″x10″x10.  The Ikea unit is 5 cubbies by 5 cubbies, the target comes in a 3 cubbies by 4 cubbies.  With Target I can go to the store and buy the damn thing.. Ikea I have to ship it/have it delivered.

As mentioned, I already have a 2×4 (8) cubby unit, if I get another 3×4 (12) cubby unit to stack on top of it that will give me 5×4, or 20 cubbies, for $70, since that’s the price of the 12 cubby unit.  Now, I will want another 8 cubby and 12 cubby unit for the other side of my sewing table.  That’ll be $122.  Which brings us to $192.  So for the price of less than what one Ikea unit will cost me, I’ll get way more storage!  Also the inserts for the Target units are MUCH cheaper than the Ikea ones.  Granted they are fabric, but they aren’t bad at all!  I can get a two pack of the fabric boxes for the price of one of the cheap Ikea plastic ones!

And so we have a point of reference… Here is my not-so-awesome, highly embarrassing, disaster area! (Sorry Pete!)  Don’t ask me how I work on it, because I really don’t know! LOL.  Also.. there’s 3 llamas and a sheep living on it….


And apparently a dog.  He’s rocking his new Thundershirt!  But more on that in a later post. 🙂

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