So we’re a little ahead of the game, here, and I’ve already started to get a move on my goal for February!  We went to target and purchased a few of the cubbie units, and I got two of them put together and started putting my fabric into them.  I have one more put together for on the other side of my craft tab;e that I will put my fiber and some other junk into.  It’s getting there, and I was supposed to have the mess cleaned up already (whoops!), but hopefully I’ll get it done within the next weekish.  I’ve been distracted by things like Minecraft….

2013-01-22 16.30.51

It’s still pretty sad, but much better than what it was!  You can actually kind of tell there is a table there now!  Another thing I need to do is get all of my art framed.  I have a few sheep/alpaca pics I’d lke to get up, I also need to hang up my seller’s permit, and my business degree!  It’ll be nice to have pretty things to look at!

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