Today I received my Unbirthday Smog from Nunoco!  This particular box featured about 450g of fiber, in several mini batts, tops, etc.  Expect a review sometime later, after I’ve   actually had a chance to play with the fibers.  This is my first purchase from Nunoco, and it’s looking good so far!

Anywho… On to the goods!


20140618_173157I loved the packaging!  Very Wonderland, indeed!






20140618_173626My Bug jumped into the box and thought it was for her!


Just the cutest little batts ever!

The only downside that I see so far, is that the photos posted by the vendor show much more vivid colors than what the items actually are.  Don’t get me wrong — they’re all still very pretty, but no where near as ZOMG BRIGHT as what the stock photos show them to be.  For my actual review post, I’ll get them outside in the daylight to get some good photos that show the color… and use a real camera instead of my cellphone. 😉

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