I completely have the intention to start blogging more. I was browsing other blogs today for ideas, seeing what other people tend to write about. What I found was almost disturbing.

Many people simply reblog stuff from other places (which were probably reblogged from somewhere in the first place….), or reviews of products and websites that they don’t really use or care about. Finally, the last type I came across… The saying a lot of stuff but not really saying anything at all.

I know I tend to ramble probably more than the average person, but sheesh. Long tangents about nothing.

I think one of my goals when I start blogging on the regular will be to do none of these things. Reviews will be of products and sites that I actually use and have experience with. Reblogging will be kept to a minimum – those recipes will only be shared if I’ve made and enjoyed them myself! And most of all… No posts just to post something!

Wish me luck!

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