This isn’t anything new, but oh em gee are people STUPID sometimes.  Why on earth, would you have an expensive exotic pet… something is very, very clearly wrong with it, total emergency situation, several people telling you to go to the vet, and then you still don’t go?  I mean, with any animal when it is acting way, way, out of sorts, wouldn’t you take it to the vet?

Sugar gliders, in particular, go downhill very fast once they start showing signs.  They hide illnesses very well, so once they start showing it is often already a very critical point, if not too late. 🙁

Please, please people…. take your critters to the vet when something is wrong with them.  Don’t go post on Facebook or forums and hope someone will tell  you that everything will be okay, because it won’t be, and you’re wasting valuable time!