Oh, Dungeons and Dragons, how you eat away my time.

Current Campaigns:

5e, Ebberon Setting – Gale, the slightly off kilter, carpet petting Witch. – Bi-monthly.
4e, Forgotten Realms setting – Sparkle, the chaotic evil vampire warlock changeling.  Yes.  Seriously. – Bi-monthly.

Yeah… you saw.  One D&D session a week!  Well, most of the time.  With this group, this is the first time I’ve really been able to roleplay within the game, the first time I’ve really fleshed out characters.  Sure, before in previous campaigns, there were ways my characters would or would not act.  But, this time there’s more depth, more substance.  They have motivation and drive, they have relationships with other characters and NPCs, they’re actually parts of the story, not just along for the murder fest.  It has been quite enjoyable.

My background has been pretty much all roleplay.  I started on AOL chat rooms back in 6th grade, in the early 90’s.  From there I went to MUDs, and stayed there quite some time.  Falling into character’s headspaces always came quite easily to me in a written context, a D&D context… not so much.  There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve when it comes to RP in D&D, particularly with Sparkle the chaotic evil.  Her headspace is a challenge, but I enjoy it!