Happy Tuesday! Lovin’ Media Center Master!

Disclaimer: This is a product that benefits me directly, as this is something my husband has created and sells. All opinions, however, are my own.

Media Center Master is digital media management software for those with home theaters, HTPCs, or those who watch their shows and movies through their XBOX, Roku, or other devices that allow streaming from a file server of some type or a hard drive.

What Media Center Master does is help your organize all of those digital files.  It’ll rename things pretty, including season information (Example: s02e10 for season 2, episode 10 of something), and also include available metadata for the file, so your media player (We use Kodi, formally XBMC) can pull the information from the file, such as the name of the show, episode title, tags, summary, etc.  The program will also find images to use within your media player software, such as actor photos, or covers of movies.

For those of you who like to keep backups of your DVD collection on your computer, you can tell Media Center Master to go search through usenet or torrents for those movies or episodes and it will download them for you!  It will not only even find current episodes of shows, but back episodes as well.

I have to say, it is absolutely lovely being able to watch TV with no commercials, and not having to get up to put in a new DVD.  I can just select a new show or movie within Kodi and hit play, knowing that Media Center Master has already found all of my media for me!

For more information about Media Center Master, you can check out the website by following this link.

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