April Update

I haven’t sewn anything at all this month, so I probably wont get my goal of getting premades in the shop done.  At least I can blame it on having a job, right?

March Update

I suppose I should do an update for March before the month is over, eh?  I’ve been going to/doing PT for about a month now, after seeing the pain doctor who referred me there.  The short of it?  PT isn’t doing diddle for my back pain.  I guess it will be back to the pain doctor. 🙁  Not much to update other than that! LOL.

February: Complete!

2013-02-27 23.37.53

Well, I finally got all of my crap picked up in my disaster area. LOL.  I have a few things left out on my table — some cut cage set pieces I need to sew, and the fiber I’ve currently got on the wheel, and some misc. knitting and sewing sundries that I need handy, but other than that, I put all of the crap away!  Woo!

AND I finished it in February!  Go me!

2013-02-27 23.37.53

Another January Update

I’m currently on pill… I don’t know what number it is anymore.  Zoloft, woo.  It seems like it might be working a little bit, but definitely not enough.  I don’t know if upping the dose will do anything more, but who knows.  Still wish the psychiatrist would just let me take Xanax daily, cause that actually WORKS.

The next things she wants me to try is something where I have to do blood tests every few months… and the other one can give me some kind of a VERY bad rash that can be fatal or some crap?  The rash one is totally off the table.  And I don’t really want to diddle with blood tests, either.  I see her next week, so I’ll have to ask if there are any other options.

Living Room Planning




So I’ve been putzing around with slowly working on redoing the living room/kitchen area (open floor plan, whee!).  A few weeks ago I found the fancy owl pillows from target, and fell in love with the color scheme!  I dug around on a few websites and found some things to toss with it.  Defnitely need to find a cheaper console table, and more doodads for the walls.  I can also find a LOT of kitchen goodies in the colors, too!


Here’s the current list of what is in there.

Table: $150 TJ Maxx (Already have!)
Dandelion Wall Art – $16 Target
Sconce – $32 Antropologie
Curtains – $34 Urban Outfitters (the color is pretty off, and at $34/ea I’d probably make my own!)
Console Tabe – $1125 wayfair.com (Probably find something similar, and paint/stain ourselves. Just wanted to find one that fit. Or heck, may end up with something totally different!)
Owl Pillow – $15 Target (Already have 2x)
Pansy Vase – $18 Anthropolgie
Bunnies – $10.90 Pier 1
Lamp – $199 Pier 1


I do want to find a decent looking quilt rack at some point.  And as mentioned before, I need more stuff for the walls, art, whatever.  Pete wasn’t fond of the metal letters, so they will probably be out.


Here are a few links to cute things I’ve found for the kitchen:






I for sure need to find a bit more with the gold/yellow color.

This will be one of those ongoing projects that I will grab things for as I find them

As far as walls go, I have a large one on the left of the couch (if you’re facing it), which is where I would like to put the console table with the dandelions and maybe something above it.   It is a pretty large wall, though, so I don’t know if that will eat up enough space.

Directly across from the sofa is the projection screen, which takes up most of the wall.

On the right of the couch is the fireplace.  That’s where the tall floor lamp will go, and I already have some nick-nacks on the mantel.  Need new art for above (pears right now!).

I’d also like to grab a couple, taller accent tables to put behind the couch to hold the speakers and get rid of the cheapie ones we have back there right now.  Something maybe a lamp will fit on too.

I also may or may not paint.  Our paint color now is pretty close to what I want.  The color I want is a little deeper.  We’ll see. LOL


Ugh.. It always comes in threes!

So…. I got the joy of going to the dentist on Monday for what I hoped would just be a filling…. And let me note here that I am damn near phobic when it comes to the dentist.  I hate going.  I hate being there.  Anxiety and stress are both on HIGH.  Anyway, my hopeful filling turned into a couple hours worth of a repair, and a return trip the next day — I needed a root canal.  Lovely.  He had cut out all of the bad parts of the tooth, filled them, and put some medicine inside.  The gas made it seem like it didn’t take too long, at least.

I was already scheduled Tuesday for a cleaning.  A cleaning I can handle, that’s not a big deal.  She pokes at my gums, polishes my teeth with some minty tasting stuff, and then scrapes at them.  HORRIBLE sound, but it doesn’t bug me much.  Didn’t even need the gas for it.  Then I get moved into one of the Doctor’s rooms for the root canal.  Oh, and I forgot to mention they decided to extract one of my wisdom teeth too.  Lovely.

Most of the root canal went okay.  I was a little freaked out cause I didn’t quite understand EVERYTHING that was going on.  I knew the basics of what the root canal was, but there was rubber, and needles, and all kinds of other junk I tried not to pay attention to and just watch TV.  Apparently I was doing really good until about 20 minutes or so before they were done, and then out of no where I had to vomit.  Which was lovely.  And terrible.  I didn’t have an upset stomach or anything like that… just blat.  And then a couple of more times.  Ugh.  I was horrified.  Having to do that while laying down, with your mouth propped open, with all kinds of junk in it?  Dear lord.  After that mess, they finished up fairly quickly, and went onto the extraction, which was more uncomfortable from him having to really wedge his tools in there and pull at my cheek to get that tooth all of the way in the back of my mouth.

Couple days later now.. Extraction side is fine, just a little sore from where the injections were.  Root canal side is still kind of tender if I bite, but I think it’ll be fine in a couple of days.

And to top that all off, I lost Winnie’s joey.  She was rejected, and I found her on the cage floor Tuesday night when I went in to feed. 🙁  I keep trying real hard not to blame myself, even though I SHOULD have checked more, like I usually do, but with the dentist and the way that stresses me out I slacked on it and took naps and junk.  Ugh.  I keep thinking I could of caught her, and hand fed her or something.

Winnie and Mal will both be going into the vet soon for their well check and fecals, and I’m also going to have a pouch swab ran on Winnie to make sure everything is okay there.  I really think she just isn’t producing enough milk like she should be.  I’ll be letting her have another litter, and being extra vigilant about it.  If she has problems with that one, too, Mal will be getting the ol’ snip and I wont breed her anymore.

March: Update

So I went to see the pain specialist the other day.  He poked, prodded, and pushed on me in all kinds of uncomfortable and weird ways.  Long story short, there isn’t anything seriously wrong with my back!  Woo hoo!  He says it isn’t muscular, but he thinks it is the ligaments that connect the vertebrae.  He wants me to go do a round of PT and then come back and see him after to see how it went.

February: Update

2013-01-22 16.30.51

So we’re a little ahead of the game, here, and I’ve already started to get a move on my goal for February!  We went to target and purchased a few of the cubbie units, and I got two of them put together and started putting my fabric into them.  I have one more put together for on the other side of my craft tab;e that I will put my fiber and some other junk into.  It’s getting there, and I was supposed to have the mess cleaned up already (whoops!), but hopefully I’ll get it done within the next weekish.  I’ve been distracted by things like Minecraft….

2013-01-22 16.30.51

It’s still pretty sad, but much better than what it was!  You can actually kind of tell there is a table there now!  Another thing I need to do is get all of my art framed.  I have a few sheep/alpaca pics I’d lke to get up, I also need to hang up my seller’s permit, and my business degree!  It’ll be nice to have pretty things to look at!

January: Update

Went to see the psychiatrist today — it went rather well!  I found her much easier to talk to than what I had expected, but then again the couple of people that reviewed her said that they found her easy to talk to as well!  She prescribed me some new medication to try, and wants to see me back in about a week and a half.  Hopefully this new stuff works, cause I’m about tired of this anxiety crap!  I’m also tired of the medication game, trying pill after pill until I find one that actually DOES something for me.  Blah.  It is what it is, I guess!


2013-01-13 13.02.02

So, I spun up 1.5oz of some pretty and awesome fiber to start on the Oddity mitts.  I came out with 80yd, though it fluffed out a lot when I washed it.  I’d say it is probably DK weight or so, but I haven’t checked it.

2013-01-12 20.21.07

Here is what the fiber looked like!  Though, my camera ate the color.  It really isn’t neon green like it looks in the first few pictures.  The last couple show the true colors the best!  And now for some in-process shots!

2013-01-12 20.20.52

The first little bit.

2013-01-12 20.21.33

40 WPI!

2013-01-12 20.50.09

The first full bobbin.

2013-01-12 23.30.44

What it looked like pre-wash!

2013-01-13 13.02.02

Post-wash!  It really did fluff a lot!

2013-01-13 14.35.21

And the start of my mitts.  Unfortunately I had to frog the row after this because I suck and can’t read charts to save my life!

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