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Another January Update

I’m currently on pill… I don’t know what number it is anymore.  Zoloft, woo.  It seems like it might be working a little bit, but definitely not enough.  I don’t know if upping the dose will do anything more, but who knows.  Still wish the psychiatrist would just let me take Xanax daily, cause that actually WORKS.

The next things she wants me to try is something where I have to do blood tests every few months… and the other one can give me some kind of a VERY bad rash that can be fatal or some crap?  The rash one is totally off the table.  And I don’t really want to diddle with blood tests, either.  I see her next week, so I’ll have to ask if there are any other options.

January: Update

Went to see the psychiatrist today — it went rather well!  I found her much easier to talk to than what I had expected, but then again the couple of people that reviewed her said that they found her easy to talk to as well!  She prescribed me some new medication to try, and wants to see me back in about a week and a half.  Hopefully this new stuff works, cause I’m about tired of this anxiety crap!  I’m also tired of the medication game, trying pill after pill until I find one that actually DOES something for me.  Blah.  It is what it is, I guess!