So…. I got the joy of going to the dentist on Monday for what I hoped would just be a filling…. And let me note here that I am damn near phobic when it comes to the dentist.  I hate going.  I hate being there.  Anxiety and stress are both on HIGH.  Anyway, my hopeful filling turned into a couple hours worth of a repair, and a return trip the next day — I needed a root canal.  Lovely.  He had cut out all of the bad parts of the tooth, filled them, and put some medicine inside.  The gas made it seem like it didn’t take too long, at least.

I was already scheduled Tuesday for a cleaning.  A cleaning I can handle, that’s not a big deal.  She pokes at my gums, polishes my teeth with some minty tasting stuff, and then scrapes at them.  HORRIBLE sound, but it doesn’t bug me much.  Didn’t even need the gas for it.  Then I get moved into one of the Doctor’s rooms for the root canal.  Oh, and I forgot to mention they decided to extract one of my wisdom teeth too.  Lovely.

Most of the root canal went okay.  I was a little freaked out cause I didn’t quite understand EVERYTHING that was going on.  I knew the basics of what the root canal was, but there was rubber, and needles, and all kinds of other junk I tried not to pay attention to and just watch TV.  Apparently I was doing really good until about 20 minutes or so before they were done, and then out of no where I had to vomit.  Which was lovely.  And terrible.  I didn’t have an upset stomach or anything like that… just blat.  And then a couple of more times.  Ugh.  I was horrified.  Having to do that while laying down, with your mouth propped open, with all kinds of junk in it?  Dear lord.  After that mess, they finished up fairly quickly, and went onto the extraction, which was more uncomfortable from him having to really wedge his tools in there and pull at my cheek to get that tooth all of the way in the back of my mouth.

Couple days later now.. Extraction side is fine, just a little sore from where the injections were.  Root canal side is still kind of tender if I bite, but I think it’ll be fine in a couple of days.

And to top that all off, I lost Winnie’s joey.  She was rejected, and I found her on the cage floor Tuesday night when I went in to feed. 🙁  I keep trying real hard not to blame myself, even though I SHOULD have checked more, like I usually do, but with the dentist and the way that stresses me out I slacked on it and took naps and junk.  Ugh.  I keep thinking I could of caught her, and hand fed her or something.

Winnie and Mal will both be going into the vet soon for their well check and fecals, and I’m also going to have a pouch swab ran on Winnie to make sure everything is okay there.  I really think she just isn’t producing enough milk like she should be.  I’ll be letting her have another litter, and being extra vigilant about it.  If she has problems with that one, too, Mal will be getting the ol’ snip and I wont breed her anymore.