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March Update

I suppose I should do an update for March before the month is over, eh?  I’ve been going to/doing PT for about a month now, after seeing the pain doctor who referred me there.  The short of it?  PT isn’t doing diddle for my back pain.  I guess it will be back to the pain doctor. 🙁  Not much to update other than that! LOL.

March: Update

So I went to see the pain specialist the other day.  He poked, prodded, and pushed on me in all kinds of uncomfortable and weird ways.  Long story short, there isn’t anything seriously wrong with my back!  Woo hoo!  He says it isn’t muscular, but he thinks it is the ligaments that connect the vertebrae.  He wants me to go do a round of PT and then come back and see him after to see how it went.